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The city of five towers

Pécs is a city of five towers, which is famous for its five churches
(Quinque Ecclesiae) not only for its Mediterranean atmosphere, but
also for its multi-generational handicraft traditions, artists, and
culture. Karma Pécs Gloves is a brand based on the art tradition
of Pécs, which is inspired, among other things, by the works of
internationally renowned artists from Pécs. The University of Pécs
is the first university in Hungary with which Karma has recently
patented an extraordinary innovation with the INVISIBLE PRO
antibacterial leather glove to create a safe and free touch.

Heritage revitalized –

Craftsmanship, Experimentation

and Progressivism.


Craftsmanship taps into emotional values too, encouraging a deeper,
long-standing connection between the consumer and the gloves:
the things we make with love and care are made to be loved and
cared for by those who wear them.



Gloves Bespoke

Hand-sewn gloves require special expertise. It takes two and a half
hours to sew one pair of gloves.
The hand-sewn glove has a patinated, high prestige value. These
include Suede and Peccary gloves, where the leather design gives
the appliance its uniqueness.
The four nockle holes of car gloves construction is very meticulous
work. Since the holes are located elsewhere in all sizes, they are
placed precisely where they need to fit on the hand. For the pieces
of the pair to fit exactly together, cut them out in pairs.

An iconic design

We define craftsmanship as an intelligent use of materials that
unites function with beauty, heritage with technology.
Due to the uniqueness of the leather, each glove is exceptional, just
as every person is individual.
Each glove is assigned a unique serial number. Therefore, it can be
identified decades ago that the gloves were made by Karma. Each
of the numbered gloves comes with a lifetime repair warranty.

Design details

Considered details, timeless design, conscious materials, and quality are at the
core of our design approach. A revolutionary fabric guarantees comfort and
recognizable elegance.

Find yours

From the slimmest cut – effortlessly skimming the hand for a defined and gloves
form-fitting shape – to our most relaxed fit that’s cut for modern, relaxed
layering and ideal for wearing over tailoring.

for HER

Thinner female fingers and filigree hands are made with a more gloves sewing

for HIM

Different design due to the structure of the male hand. Sportier and more
masculine sewing method of the men’s gloves.

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